Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do Autism & Fibro have in common?

They are both syndromes!  So, why is it then, that critics don't say Austism isn't real?  Both Autism and Fibro exist based on characteristics.  I guess its because Austism characteristics can be seen and heard, and can also show physical symptoms.  But, there is no clear cut test or cure.  There is some subjectivity when trying to determine where a person might fall on the spectrum.

Austism awareness campaigns have been hugely successful.  Most people are familiar with Autism and it is very rarely disputed as a fake disease. 

Fibro is very similiar in that there is a "spectrum".  Symptoms can range from mild to severe.  There are common characteristics for diagnosis, but each individual responds differently to treatement.  Each person experience fibro a little bit different.  It would be interesting to take all the fibro symptoms and put them on a spectrum and try to classify each person that suffers from fibro on some type of scale.

Just a thought.


  1. I agree...I haven't look at fibro in the terms of another illness such as autism...but have looked at it compared to cancer. Sometimes when I am talking about my health...or whatever, I say I thought my health was bad...and someone tells me, yeah but yours isn't life hurts my feelings and makes me feel like because it isn't life threatening it isn't life interrupting. It is very much interrupting for me...and today I was told just least it isn't life threatening...and my response???

    No..I just have to live in pain for the next 50 or so years...every day of my life.

  2. Yes, it is hard to deal with. I am grateful it's not terminal, but interupting very much as you mentioned! And, the worst part, it's not curable. I think it can be so hard when I think it will never go away. It's stuck with you!