Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is this a real thing?

So, it's been a week since I was diagnosed with fibro and I started to tell some family and friends. Not many, just a few that I feel close enough with. And, I have done a great deal of research and I am amazed at how it seems like the description of fibro was written about me.

The muscle aches are a strange thing. I really thought that it was normal to feel pain when touched gently. The thing is, I didn't realize that people were touching me gently...I thought they were be rough. My idea of a normal shoulder rub is not the same as it should be. Looking back at a couple of massages I have received in the past, I can remember thinking "this is supposed to feel like this. It hurts at times, but it's just because I am tense. It will feel better later". Ummm...I guess most people don't tense up while getting the massage!

Another thing that makes sense now is pedicures and manicures. I love getting a pedicure so I can soak my feet in the hot water and get my nails painted. But, I dread when they start exfoliating my feet and filing my toe nails. It hurts so bad that I cringe and sometime the person says "Does THAT hurt" in a surprised way.

Other things that make sense now- TMJ. For the past year, my jaw pain has gotten pretty bad. It started about 2.5 years ago. At first, I thought it was my ears. I kept feeling this tingling and burning in my ears. I even went to the ENT and he had no idea what "sensation" I was describing. He did a hearing test and then sent me on my way. Then, I went to the Dentist for routine dental work. The days that followed, my jaw hurt badly. But, it NEVER went away. At my next visit I told the dentist about it, hoping he could shorten my time there so it wouldn't get bad. He looked at my jaw, had me open/close, etc....told me I had TMJ. He gave me some therapies to try on my own and told me to let him know if it got really bad. In the meantime, my husband claims that my jaw makes a noise when I eat and that it has been making this noise since the day we met (10 years ago). Well, over time, this seems to have gotten worse and it is now to the point where it aches constantly. If I am just sitting watching TV- it aches. It is a part of daily pain for me now. Not bad pain, but a lingering ache.

Other symptoms- burning hands and feet. I keep that at bay by taking Zyrtec. If I take the Zyrtec, it stays away. This started about 7 years ago. I underwent a bunch of allergy testing and they couldn't find anything wrong. Story of my life.

Oh there is so much more. It feels good to write this and get it out...even if no one is listening.