Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flushot - Yoooooouch!

I got a good night's rest last night and woke up on time today.  No tyelenol pms or muscle relaxers, just good old fashioned sleep.  I don't have a problem with sleep in the way that I usually have no difficulty falling alseep or staying asleep.  But, I am a light sleeper.  I tend to hear every little noise.  I am getting better about it now that the kids are getting a little bigger, but I still hear them when they make noises during the night.  So, I know I sleep light.

But, I managed to get up on-time and get to work on-time.  I recently received a promotion and nice raise so it is important to me to get to work on-time.  It is always a struggle though.  Even when I am on-time, something usually happens to cause me to be late.  I am working on this.  A goal of mine is to be one of those people that pops up in the morning.  Is that unrealistic?  It is probably too much pressure to put on myself, but I am not a morning person or a night person!  I feel like I should at least be on one end of the spectrum!

I had a flu shot today, my arm is sore.  Nothing unusual though, most people get a sore arm.  But, man does it hurt.  A pinch my ass.  I will never tell my kids its a pinch again- it hurts!  But, I believe it is a worthy cause if it prevents me from coming down with any kind of flu.  So far, we have kept H1N1 out of the house, but it's still infecting people.  The vaccine doesn't seem available for everyone yet, so we have only gotten the regular vaccine.

I wonder if I should tell my chiropractor that I got the vaccine.  I don't think they believe in that, so I should probably keep it to myself.  I had an interesting conversation with my father-in-law last night, about fibro.  He is an orthapedic surgeon and he prints articles for me from medical journals.  It's nice and he really seems to try to find information for me.  The article highlighted what seems to work and what doesn't.  Again- aerobic exercise was at the top of the list.  Seems cruel that people with all this fatigue and soreness would feel better if they would just pick up the pace and exercise.  I wish I could do more of it, I really do.  I know it would help.  But, this fear is always in the back of my mind, fear of how I will feel later.  Will I pay a price?

I see the chiropractor again tonight, but I am starting have doubts about the effects.  I do think it helps in some way, but I am still stuck with fibro.  It's not going anywhere.  Last night I reached into my daughter's bed to get something for her and my arm pushed slightly on the wooden frame and it hurt.  So sore, a lingering pain where I was barely touched.  Today, if I rub my legs for any reason, they are very tender and sensitive.  I just don't understand.  What is the trigger?  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this.  It's there one day and not the next.  I just wish I knew how to control it.

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