Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A "Lite" Flare

Sorry it's taken me so long to post, I have been recovering from the long weekend.  Friday afternoon, my husband and I went to the cabin and joined a bunch of other couples in the cold rainy forest!

It was slushy and very cold, but we did have a good time.  My husband and I used the time to reconnect and it's always nice to spend time with him away from our children.  I love my children more than anything in the world, but couples do need to find time to be together. 

I came home on Sunday and felt alright, but very tired.  Monday was much worse though, this is when I really started to feel my fibro.  My eyes hurt to open, my head was cloudy, and my muscles hurt again.  It's been awhile since I felt this bad, but I still didn't feel as bad as I usually do.  I think the weekend finally caught up with me.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I think alcohol does trigger the fibro.  There was quite a bit of alcohol over the weekend!  Also, I forgot to bring my vitamins, so I am sure that didn't help. And, finally, the cold.  I do believe the cold can cause a flare up.

So, yesterday I felt the worst.  I took tyelenol PMs and tried to get to bed very early.  As I laid in bed, my own body against the mattress hurt.  I laid down and wished I could float.  It's such a strange kind of pain.  I woke up a little better, but I knew the pain was still there when I put my deodarant on...the pressure of the roller under my arm hurt.  I HATE that type of ache. 

I go to the chiropractor tonight, start of week 3.  I hope it can diffuse this flare- is that possible?

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  1. As soon as I started reading about the wet and the cold, my body started aching. Hopefully the chiropractor can undo some of that for you. The Zyrtec has really helped me sleep lately -- I really wish I knew why and how it works.