Friday, October 9, 2009

Mind over Matter

What a bunch of crap!  I am so frustrated right now.  My throat is very sore and I am feeling the fibro, run down fatigue.  Not now!  Go away!

I have been ver excited about my upcoming long weekend and my recent visits to the chiropractor.  But, with each minute passing today, I am feeling worse and worse.  My throat is getting very sore, usually the 1st indicator that I am run down.  I have a general feeling of fatigue and wish I could be home sleeping the afternoon away.  I cannot be getting sick and fibro cannot be getting the best of me.

I know I sound cynical right now, but I am going to pick myself up and try to resist the ill feelings.  I can feel it trying to pull me in.  I have way to much to do this weekend and I cannot get sick or fogged.

Mind over matter, right?  I will give it my best shot. 

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