Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hope and Cures

As I launch this blog, I am trying to provide links to helpful websites, articles, and blogs.  There is not a lack of fibro on the internet.  In fact, when you do a google search, you will find hundreds of pages! 

What amazes me is how many pages try to sell us something.  As if we aren't already desperate enough to be relieved from this pain, now we have to sort out the well meaning from those trying to capitalize off our illness.

Most of these pages start with "My wife suffered for 20 years..."   It's a man trying to sell us something on the hopes that we will connect with his wife.  Maybe some of these stories are true, and I so I apologize to those, but I really have a hard time believing the rest.  I will not provide links to sites that appear to be taking advantage of people in pain.  We are an easy target.

If there were a cure, surely we would know about it.  I hope.  Now, I am trying chiropractic care, and hoping it provides relief for me.  Hope is the key word.

I think the reason my mood has improved over the last 2 days is because of hopeWhat if this actually works?  Its been a long time since I felt hope.  I have sort of been in denial since my diagnosis anyway.  Now that I have come to accept it, I have to hope that there is something out there...somewhere...that will work.  And, I will try it.  I am willing to try acupuncture.  It's been around for as long as man, it must help in some way.

So, if I don't lose hope, I will be ok.  I cannot accept that this will be with me for the remainder of my life.  I can deal with flare ups and some discomfort.  But, I want my life back.  I want my energy back.  I want to be normal again.

Without hope, I might as well curl up in a ball (and sometimes I do) and accept this is my fate.  I can't do that to my kids or my husband.

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