Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tired, but pain free

I am doing much better today, finally recouping from the camping and long weekend. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and sure pain is gone today. I still have some soreness if I push on my skin really hard, but it is very tolerable. Unlike when my body is so sensitive that the slightest touch causes me to scream out.

I am still having a little bit of fatigue and waking up hasn't been easy. I did take muscle relaxers last night and was asleep by 9pm, but woke up late at 7:20am. It was a struggle to get up, but once I did I felt fine. I think the muscle relaxers really do cause some fog in the morning. I took them at 6:45pm which should have been plenty of time for them to wear off, but it wasn't so. They make me really drowsy in the morning. But, my eyes don't hurt and I don't have an overwhelming feeling to lay down and sleep.

My husband and I were discussing whether or not the chiropractor is really helping or if it is all in my head? We both agreed it is helping. In the past, whenever I tried a new medication or vitamin or anything that might never did. So, I have had that kind of hope before and I was able to say when it didn't work. This is different. It is working. I truly believe that the adjustments are relieving pressure in my spine...which is in turn helping my nerves to function normal again.

I saw an article not too long ago that mentioned something about fibro and spine health. I will look it up again, I would like to share it with the doctor. Most people think of chiropractors for back pain. In my case, it's all over body pain.

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