Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, my long weekend is over and I did get some much needed rest.  Sunday we were supposed to go to the amusement park for the Halloween special.  But, Saturday morning Mercedes has a little cough and just wasn't herself.  She was running a low-grade fever of only 99 and she was eating ok.  But, she just wasn't the little ball of energy she normally is.  So, I gave her the option of going to the park or going to see the Toy Story 3D movies.  I was really surprised, but she picked the Toy Story movies.

It was a long time to sit in the theater, but the kids did really well and really enjoyed it.  I wasn't happy that I had eaten some candy and popcorn.  It's hard to sit there for 3 hours and not eat anything!  So, unfortunately we chose to sit in a theater and eat junk instead of walking around the park and getting fresh air.  This kind of bothered me, but I think we all needed the down time. 

I had some drinks with my husband Saturday night and I paid the price on Sunday.  I had pretty much cut out all alcohol so I can track whether or not that makes a difference.  We drink socially on the weekends, rarely to never during the week.  As I get older, I find it more and more difficult to function the next day- even if I only have a few beers.  It definitely makes a difference.  A few beers on Saturday night led to severe aches on Sunday night.  Once again, my shoulders were sore just to touch.

One of my worst feelings is when everything feels bruised.  My underarms (not the pits- lol) but just below there feel so swollen and sore that it hurts for my arms to be rested by my sides and touching the underarm.  I know that must sound confusing.  But, my own arms hanging hurt because they touch my body.  The slightest touch when I feel this way is painful.  Really, the best way to describe it is like a bruise.

So, I am concluding that alcohol does make the fibro worse for me.  I will continue to cut it out and only drink on occassion (rare).  But, we are going camping this upcoming weekend and I will have a few beers by the camp fire!

Oh- the camp fire.  This leads to another symptom and I don't know if it is from fibro or not.  I think it might be due to hot/cold sensitivities.  It's usually cold at the camp this time of year, so I try to sit closer to the fire.  What then happens, is my calves get itchy from the heat.  I don't see anyone else with this problem!  I am going to try to figure that one out this weekend.

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