Friday, October 9, 2009

Sore, Rainy Day

Well, I woke up a little sore today.  When I first woke up (with great difficulty) my legs felt like bricks.  I know the feeling all too well.  My legs were stiff and heavy and I really just wanted to go back to sleep.

Very disappointing since I have felt great the last 2 days.  I am trying to track what could cause the change, here is my list:

  1. I just remembered that I forgot to take my Effexor yesterday.
  2. I didn't go to the chiropractor yesterday.
  3. I had a longer than usual day (gymnastics and then bath for the kids).
  4. I fell asleep closer to 11pm (later than usual for me).
  5. It's cold and rainy outside.
Ok, so here is my theory.  Since I forgot to take the Effexor yesterday, it is really impacting me today (as opposed to when it happened).  This disrupted the routine and made it more difficult to fall asleep.  So, this leads me to be a little achy today.

So, I will get back on track with the Effexor.  Maybe it helps more than I realize?  And, I see the chiropractor after work.  I hope this will all lead to a great weekend.

On a positive note, I lost 1.5 lbs.  I have been trying to lose weight, but it isn't easy.  I am not overweight, but I am on the high end of the BMI scale healthy range.  I really want to take off 10 more lbs. 

Fat literally hurts on me.  I thought this was normal, but in learning about fibro, I have come to realize fat isn't supposed to hurt.  When I gain weight in my legs, the pain is much worse.  So, as hard as it is to stay slimmer, I know I feel better when I weight less. 

I have a busy weekend ahead and hope to I have the energy levels to keep up.  Tomorrow is our normal swimming lesson routine.  I would love to get to the gym a little early though and do a 30 minute workout before Mercedes' swim lesson.  But, I am going to make the right choice and sleep in a little.  It's all about choices right?  That sucks!!!  But, I know if I push myself too hard then I am setting myself up for trouble.

After that, I am going to get my haircut, which always makes me feel a little better.  I really do try to keep looking my best, even if I don't feel my best.  I don't want sympathy from people so I am not going to walk around looking like I feel.  If I did that, I would look 30 years older!

Sunday we are going to a Halloween event at the amusement park.  The kids will get dressed up and trick or treat around the park.  It's a LOT of walking, but it is so fun for the kids.  My goal is to pace myself to get through this day without any problems.  Sunday and Mondays tend to be difficult.

I have Monday off for Columbus day, which is the only reason we are doing the amusement park on a Sunday.  On Monday, it is a pretty simple day, taking the kids to see the Toy Story 3D marathon.  It doesn't involve much physical activity, so that should be ok. 

The hard part is that in between all of the above- lots of cleaning and laundry!  My husband has been awesome this week at keeping the house in pretty good shape.  But, there is still more to do.  And, my mother is coming into town (can't wait) on Wed. so I want to get some things ready for that too.

All for now, my shoulders are getting sore while I am typing.  I am going to go stretch and try to make the best of this rainy day.

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