Friday, October 16, 2009

Going Camping

Well, I am getting ready for our camping trip...luckily in a cabin.  We are expecting 3-5 inches of snow !!!  Please say it isn't so!  I am hoping I don't flare up, it will help that I should be able to sleep as much as I want.  Hope that isn't too tempting, I might want to sleep the entire weekend away.

Today was my 6th chiropractic adjustment/therapy.  I do consider this to be theraputic.  It doesn't replace my need for a doctor, but it feels good and I know it's helping...that is all that matters.  So, I have 2 more weeks of intensive therapy and then I will start to go less and less.  I am a little worried about going less because it seems to help so much.

Having the right chiropractor also makes all the difference.  My regular chiropractor is a gentle, female.  It never hurts and she is so gentle that I don't even notice my bruised feeling skin.  Today, one of the other female chiropractors did my adjustment - OUCH!  It hurt!  Not bad enough to stop it, but enough to think I wouldn't have gone back if she did my first adjustment.  So, finding somene you like seems to make all the difference.

Well, I am off to the camp site.  Wish me warm thoughts!  I won't be blogging again until Sunday or Monday.  Hopefully, it will be all good and I can say how I managed to escape a flareup!

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